The franchise offer is valid for the whole EU.

✔️ Without initial Franchise fee!

✔️ No monthly fees!

✔️  No due % of turnover!

✔️ Agreement – without hidden conditions!  

MARTINEZ Boutiques Bulgaria are offering you to become a part of a fast growing perfume franchise business. One of the few businesses for which the payback period is approximately 9 months.
MARTINEZ perfume is a manufacturer of over 400 types of men’s and women’s perfumes, candles, fragrances for cars and homes / offices. The company was established in 2014 based in Ruse, and in 2016 began to establish its own line of products in boutiques and stores with a trade name MARTINEZ.

The company is certified by the Ministry of Health of Bulgaria. Produces more than 400 different types of perfume fragrances and products with exceptional lasting fragrance – 8-12 hours.

When we create the perfumes, the rules of the International Perfume Association IFRA are strictly observed. The products are manufactured at the company’s own factory in the city of Ruse.

The MARTINEZ brand is a leader in the perfume sector. In Bulgaria the company has more than 10 franchise partners. The franchisor assists its partners in choosing the right location, staff selection and training, a boutique furnishing project, a well knowing project among clients.

You will receive both initial training and recurrent training as the brand is constantly and dynamically developing new perfumes and fragrance products.

Franchisees receive full support from MARTINEZ PERFUME!

We will provide an opportunity for a complete business solution such as advertising materials, illuminated signboards made for every type of retail outlet, stylish furniture with the same conceptual design for boutiques, paper bags accompanying the sale, blenders (scent test sheets) of PREFERENTIAL and SUBSIDIZED PRICES.
МARTINEZ perfume is looking for franchisees across the EU to develop our store network in their hometowns. The perfect location is in a lively place with a large flow of people, and the window of the object is not less than 3 m. And an area between 15-25 square metres . It is important for our company to only offer products of MARTINEZ Perfume.

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