MARTINEZ perfume” has the pleasure to offer you perfumes in “Author Perfumery” class selected and manufactured under the strict control of “BNAEOPC”, bottled and packed with care, precision and attention to the smallest detail and complete dedication to achieve perfect results every time in our base!
We only work with French manufacturers of perfume compositions with clear origin and characteristic qualities,
which experts can recognize as  in our perfumes MARTINEZ perfume".
The long lasting fragrance and the high quality of “MARTINEZ perfume” are made to impress the taste of every connoisseur. We offer our own line of perfumes after each batch undergoes a mixing and daily stirring step, homogenizing, maturing / aging for 30-45 days and precise filtration before bottling.
    In this way, we manage to control the most important variables, which are key in the preparation, quality and the long lasting of each perfume:
  • high quality french perfume base
  • a certain amount of “perfume composition”
  • ripening / maturing at least 30-45
  • precise filtration
  • storage of each perfume in a controlled environment
  We aim to create loyal customers, which are satisfied by “MARTINEZ perfume”
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